A bit on Software (no pun intended)

What are the other ways to use GitHub besides software development?

First, what is GitHub anyway?

GitHub is a code hosting platform for version control and collaboration. It lets the user and various others work together on projects from anywhere (GitHub, 2020). GitHub emphasizes a particular way of working together; Dave Winer describes it as “narrating your work” and Ben Balter as “open collaboration” (Udell 2015).

Techies and experts are not new to this of course, but how about for normal people like you and me who find this overwhelming. Do I need to know how to code to use it? The answer is No.

Orsini (2013) lists 7 things you can do to take advantage of GitHub, besides programming:

  • Travel Logging — look at people’s suggestions on accommodations, food or activities while travelling
  • Musical Composition — access to unique forms of music (such as the Gregorian Chant) that are also open for remixing to different keys
  • Recipes — clone copies of your recipes while you add changes to make them better, and then let other people see the adjustments you’ve made
  • Open Source Font Editing — collaborators help create the most aesthetically pleasing typefaces by copying font files and pasting it into their own editors
  • Data Visualization for Journalists — helps journalists easily make maps, tables, charts and other visualizations without having to be professional developers
  • Writing & Blogging — GitHub offers a secondary service, GitHub Pages; with this you can collaborate with one or more co-writers and editors (GitHub even offers a Zen Writing Mode)
  • Legal Documents — lawyers are giving access to the legal documents people might need

(to see some examples of each way, visit: https://readwrite.com/2013/11/08/seven-ways-to-use-github-that-arent-coding/)

Still hesitant? Don’t worry, GitHub has additional benefits of a liberal use policy, so the users are in complete control with anything they upload.


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